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Jackson Anchor Initiative Proclaims "Mission Accomplished"

Initially only intended to be a three-year initiative, the Jackson Anchor Initiative is proud to have been a catalyst for creating and sustaining a more vibrant downtown area for the last nine years. While the organization extended its life to see downtown Jackson through economic challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to proclaim “mission accomplished” and dissolve along with the retirement of our President and CEO Scott Fleming.

We look back on our successes with great pride. The Anchor’s excitement for downtown was seen time and time again as we were often the first company to commit funding to new projects including the Bright Walls mural festival and Lean Rocket Lab. Both were highly successful, increasing business downtown, beautifying the area with building murals, and bringing in new businesses.

The Anchor’s impact will also be felt by finding a developer interested in the former Hayes Hotel building. Scott Fleming was able to secure a developer for this project where others had failed to do so for nearly 20 years and the Anchor will end committing $100,000 to this project.

The businesses and individuals who make up the organization’s membership will continue the momentum the Anchor started through their own companies, philanthropic efforts, and lives. Thank you to everyone who has believed in our mission, helped us along the way, or is simply a champion for Jackson like we are.

All economic development inquiries may be directed to the City Manager at the City of Jackson.