Bringing Uncharted Film Co.’s Vision to Life in Downtown Jackson

Uncharted Film Co., a video marketing content company, is excited to make its move to its own space in downtown Jackson with the help of the Jackson Anchor Initiative.

Getting their start from Lean Rocket Lab, they were ready to expand their business to a location that will support a growing team and accommodate an in-house studio. Specializing in video production and motion graphics with an emphasis on motorsports, a larger space will be key to their continued growth.

When they began their search for a larger space, they were told by several people that the Anchor Initiative was an organization they really needed to work with on this project. This is because the Anchor has an active pulse on what is currently available and what real estate will be coming available for rent and lease. As well, the Anchor is an invaluable resource for securing grants and tax breaks.

Uncharted was glad they contacted Scott, CEO of Jackson Anchor Initiative because he had the perfect property in mind for them. He presented them with an idea they had not thought of yet, a mix-use facility. This type of building would provide Uncharted with the ample space they need plus a steady stream of income from the tenants they will have. In addition, it allowed them to be applicable for several grants that will help offset the cost of construction and the purchase of the building.

With Scott’s help, Uncharted secured grants from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation At (OPRA). In addition to those, they had their phase one environmental assessment paid for through the Anchor Initiative.

Located at 208 South Jackson Street, Uncharted’s new home base will be located on the ground floor of the building. Next to their office space will be another retail location for lease. On the second floor, there will be two apartment units for rent. On the top floor will be another modern apartment with views of the city.

“Community members should be excited to see a revitalized building in a growing portion of Downtown Jackson, growing businesses with unique services, and more apartment options that provide a big city feel in a moderate-sized city,” says Jake Cross, founder of Uncharted Film Co.

This exciting addition to the downtown area is projected to be completed in August of 2023.

If you want to start or grow your business in the downtown Jackson area, contact Scott Fleming today by emailing him at