Consumers Energy MDOT Railroad Bridge Work Update 4/12/2021

Mechanic Street Duct Bank Rebuild:

  1. The Civil Work is very close to complete. We only need to put asphalt at the Lansing-Jackson rail road. The team is working to get asphalt from the plants for this.
  2. Electric underground work is starting today by Kent Power.
  3. The project is back on track to be done by mid-June.

Underground Duct Bank Construction around Crankshaft and North to the South Side of the Rail Road:

  1. All of the underground civil duct bank work that can be completed is done. We need the Amtrak permit to complete this work south of the rail road. Many efforts are in play to get this.
  2. Once the civil work is complete, the high voltage cables will be pulled through the new underground duct bank and the conduit under the substation, target is May of 2021.

High Voltage Overhead:

  1. All of the construction that can be completed without the Amtrak permit is done.
  2. The crews will start with the steel poles south of the rail road (when we get Amtrak go-ahead since they are reviewing our construction method near the rail road), then the civil duct bank coming up from the south will have an exact location to connect to.
  3. Removal of the existing High Voltage and Low Voltage is planned for late June or early July 2021.

Low Voltage Distribution Construction:

  1. Underground construction completed last fall.
  2. Overhead construction completed last fall.
  3. There are 2 more LVD work orders that are associated with the LVD work that will be completed ~May.


  1. Substation construction completed 90% of their work in December. They will complete their work ~early June when the cable underground comes in to attach to.
  2. We are communicating with Crankshaft about once every 6 weeks to update them. They seem happy with the communications. Their employees are approved to part across the road in the lot West of Ingham street during construction as needed.