DDA Grants to Help Downtown Jackson Businesses

Businesses in downtown Jackson are able to get some help to make building improvements from the Downtown Development Authority through three special grant programs.

The Facade Loan program, Building Rehabilitation program, and Sign Grant programs have approximately $60,000 available for Jackson businesses. Grant funds can be used to update buildings and fund projects. The money will be distributed in various amounts until it is depleted.

“Our goal is to bring people downtown, get them to recognize the value of working downtown, living downtown, eating, shopping, not just spending money downtown, but being a part of the downtown atmosphere,” Mays said. “All of those activities are geared toward that end goal of increasing traffic downtown. A part of that is what out buildings look like, how they are presented.”

“We’re going see them on a case-by-case basis,” Mays said. “Really see what we can do, how can we best spread the money around and really get as many buildings looking just a little bit better.”

Applications and guidelines for the grants can be found at the Jackson DDA website. All information must be submitted by August 20, 2021 to be eligible.

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