Former Allen School Building is Getting New Life

The Anchor is excited about one of the newest housing opportunities that will be coming to the downtown Jackson area with the renovation of the Allen School building! The investors are none other than Rock Solid Detroit, an investment firm that has been behind many amazing renovations in Detroit. Some of their most notable investments are Dunedin Campus and Rosa Parks Campus, both strategically located in Detroit.

This is Rock Solid Detroit’s first investment in Jackson, and they are very excited about joining the community and contributing to its success. The company saw a lot of promise and opportunity in the Jackson market and wanted the chance to join the likes of others who are helping to restore the area.

Former Allen School Building

Rock Solid Detroit has a recipe for success and an established style when they are revitalizing properties for residential housing, and we may see some of their key characteristics in their Allen School project. One is security. To ensure a safe housing unit, they have installed cameras, strategic lighting, secure parking, and privacy fencing at other complexes. Another interesting feature they have incorporated into other projects is campus parks. They utilize green space to create serine space just for residents’ use, as well as upgrade common areas with a variety of amenities.

The project will bring 68 new market-rate apartments to the area. Although the exact details have not been finalized, the investors are aiming for the units to have an open floor plan and modern features, incorporating elements from the original building.

Martin from Rock Solid Detroit has greatly enjoyed working with the City of Jackson. Their help has been immeasurable in getting permits, helping to steer the firm in the right direction and help to keep the project momentum going.

The completion of this project will provide a lot of opportunities and advantages for our area’s medical workers at Henry Ford allegiance Hospital, as they will have a residential option in such close proximity to their work. Rock Solid Detroit is also going to generously give health care workers a reduced rate on their rent. This will be a game-changer for many of our health care heroes.

The anticipated start date for the project to get started would be later this year. Construction is expected to take about 12 months to complete, then another six months would be needed to make the complex fully operational.