Jackson Anchor Continues Support for Lean Rocket Lab

The Jackson Anchor Initiative has committed $25,000 for three-years of continued support of the Lean Rocket Lab in downtown Jackson. The Anchor Initiative and Lean Rocket Lab share the common goal of creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovation in downtown Jackson. There has been an increase in density where people are collaborating and seeing great results through the partnership.

While the Lean Rocket Lab initially focused on high tech startups, they are also helping local entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale local neighborhood-based small businesses. Lean Rocket Lab believes a huge part of development is to help people launch these local traditional businesses and high-tech endeavors by closing the gap in terms of access to education and capital.

Jackson Anchor Initiative CEO, Scott Fleming, is thrilled with the continued support. “The Lean Rocket Lab is another asset to the Jackson community by providing entrepreneurs with resources, knowledge, access, and assistance to pursue their business dreams. The partnership also advances the mission of the Anchor Initiative to invest and innovate the Jackson community.”

The Anchor Initiative is Jackson Michigan’s private sector effort focused on transforming its downtown; and in doing so, making the entire community a more vibrant and valued place to live, learn, and work.