MEDC Match Application for Main (MOM) Program Opens February 8

On Monday, February 8, the MEDC will open the Match application window on the Main (MOM) program. In its 3rd year, the program has successfully supported 22 new and expanding place-based businesses located on main streets across the state and 298 small businesses through a temporary COVID-19 relief iteration in 2020.

Match on Main is a reimbursement grant program that serves as a tool to support new or expanding place-based businesses by providing up to $25,000 in funding to support an eligible small business through an application submitted, administered, and managed by the local unit of government, DDA, or other downtown management or community development organization where the business is located. The grant applicant – which is the local entity applying on behalf of the small business seeking grant support – must represent a community that is a certified Redevelopment Ready Community or is a select or master level Michigan Main Street Community.

The FY21 MOM program is not a COVID-19 relief program and does not address the immediate challenges that many small businesses are facing as a result of COVID19 impacts. The program WILL support new and expanding businesses in a broad range of eligible grant activities including interior renovation, permanent or semi-permanent activation of outdoor space, certain technical assistance aspects, and certain working capital needs.

Detailed program materials are now available on the Match on Main program website: Please review the information provided to ensure you have a full understanding of the program requirements and application process. A training video will also be made available when the application goes live on Monday, February 8. That video will be posted at the above link.

Should you have questions about this program or how to apply, please reach out to your Community Assistance Team specialist. Contact information can be found here.