New Downtown Jackson Speakers Installed

The Jackson Anchor Initiative and the Downtown Development Authority are proud to announce the addition of a brand-new outdoor sound system to downtown Jackson. Through their partnership, the two organizations worked together to purchase and install the system along West Michigan Avenue between South Jackson and Mechanic Street.

Many years ago, the downtown area had a functional sound system, but it became inoperable with age. The Anchor Initiative saw the need to rejuvenate this feature, so they approached the DDA about collaborating with them to make it happen. Armed with the funding, the Anchor Initiative purchased the system and the DDA coordinated with the city to have it installed. The Anchor and DDA are very grateful for the city’s willingness to install the new sound system for them.

“The DDA is fortunate to have had the Anchor lead the way for this project and provide the funding for the new system," said Cory Mays, the Downtown Development Authority’s Executive Director.

The strategic location of each of the seven speakers will enhance the shopping experience this holiday season and beyond. The system will also allow important announcements and updates to be broadcasted during events and festivals, making communication during these busier times easier for attendees.

The addition of the sound system is a wonderful asset for downtown Jackson and only further improves the thriving area. The two organizations are excited at the possibility of adding even more speakers when funding is available.

The Anchor Initiative and the Downtown Development Authority invite you downtown to shop local this holiday season and experience their new outdoor sound system.