Innovation leads Jackson's Technique Inc. to NASCAR Partnership

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Jackson's innovation and business development continues with Technique Inc. being named the chassis supplier for every NASCAR team for years ahead.

Headquartered in Jackson, Technique Inc. is run by former racecar driver Ronnie Johncox and has been building components for racecars since 2007. The new partnership with NASCAR means they will be providing the chassis, or "skeleton," of every car in the race to teams competing in premiere series. Technique beat out 17 other bidders to win the NASCAR contract.

NASCAR is overhauling its methods in 2022 as it introduces its “Next Gen” car – designed to look more like the Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Toyota Camrys you see on the street.

To save money, many pieces of the car won’t be built by race teams. Instead, NASCAR picked vendors to build the components, and then the teams put them together.

Technique is charging $28,000 for each chassis with everything included. Many teams pay twice as much to build a chassis right now, Johncox said.

The biggest challenge is reframing the mindset, Johncox said. Every piece must be exactly the same – within a fraction of an inch, to be fair to all race teams.

“In racing, you’re building the next car to be a little bit better than the previous car,” Johncox said. “This project – all of the cars have to be built exactly the same. And that is more difficult, actually.”

Jackson, Michigan has a long history with automotive innovation. At the height of the era in the early 1900's, Jackson was home to 25 auto manufacturers. Today, Technique continues to show the innovative energy and technical prowess of Jackson.